Sammamish has one remaining yoga studio

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Brooke Lin

Since its opening in April 2021, YogaSix, a studio located in the Sammamish Village development near Metropolitan Market, has been an anomaly in many ways. To start, this satellite location opened amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, thriving while most other fitness businesses were closing. Since then, YogaSix has become notorious for being the only remaining yoga studio in Sammamish. 

YogaSix has thrived in an environment that has proved challenging for other studios. Both Bala Yoga in Saffron and Hot Yoga Experience in the Sammamish Highlands plaza closed during the pandemic. YogaSix, owned by Tim and Vickie Himmelberger, has long been known for making yoga as accessible as possible.  

“[Our instructors] have a way of using language that is a little more available to folks, whether they’re brand new to yoga…or have been doing it for a good 10-20 years,” Katy Taylor, an instructor at YogaSix, said. “We focus more on how to move the body, rather than on the names of the poses or on the [usage] of ancient languages.”  

For Taylor, who has practiced for over 25 years, yoga has been a form of therapy. 

“I came into yoga during some challenging parts of my life. Yoga was one of those things that I always came back to when life got difficult,” Taylor said.  

She believes YogaSix, a franchise with over 170 studios located across the world, has carved out a model for success by having a constant desire for excellence in all aspects.  

For instance, instructors are specifically trained to provide the highest quality of classes. Taylor, who serves as a mentor to other instructors, also evaluates and audits classes monthly, and uses her assessments to continuously re-train instructors and monitor their progress.  

“We bring teachers in and provide them with some extra training, above what is already required to become a yoga teacher,” Taylor said.  

Additionally, YogaSix makes yoga accessible by offering several formats of practice that cater to different customer tastes, and ensuring that classes function exactly as promised.  

These six formats include Y6 101, Y6 Restore, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Hot, Y6 Power, and Y6 Sculpt Flow. 101 and Slow Flow are considered more beginner, slow-paced classes, where students are taught the basics of yoga. The remaining four are more fast-paced, focused on getting your heart rate and breathing up.  

“A lot of students will say, I like a slow-flow class and I want to come to a slow-flow class. So here at our studio, our slow flow classes, regardless of who’s teaching it, follows certain parameters and format guidelines,” Taylor said.   

Furthermore, YogaSix adds variety to its set programs to help build a sense of community. For instance, on Feb. 10, Taylor taught a Galentine’s Day themed class. Students were welcome to celebrate the holiday with special drinks and treats.  

Although yoga is a relatively contactless activity that could easily be practiced at home during the pandemic, most YogaSix students still opted for in-person classes because of the unique ambiance at the YogaSix studio.  

The space has great lighting and a high-quality sound system that draws customers in, according to Taylor, especially as a roomful of kindred yoga spirits move and breathe together. 

“It’s an opportunity to encompass all the senses and get lost in doing yoga,” Taylor said.   

The Sammamish YogaSix studio is located at 22526 SE 4th Street, Suite B1, Sammamish. 

Brooke Lin

Brooke Lin attends Eastlake High School and is part of the class of 2026. She is a city hall reporter for the Sammamish Independent.

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